I got so many great ideas about growing and leading a team in today’s episode. If you have a team now or want to have one someday, you are going to love this episode.
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How to Manage and Grow a Team with Sarah Chancey

Sarah Chancey is the FOUNDER and CREATIVE DIRECTOR of Chancey Charm wedding planning and design. Her and her team come alongside brides and take the stress out of planning! She serves wedding planners as they build a career they love and learn the ropes of the industry and thats why she’s in business. She believes it’s possible to find a creative career with freedom and flexibility to focus on what’s important: your faith and your family.
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How to Grow and Manage a Team with Sarah Chancey (1)

Some questions I asked:

At what point do you feel like an entrepreneur has truly developed a healthy business where team growth might be something to consider?
What kind of a mentality do you believe leads to a successful company culture where competition is replaced by a community?
How do you stay in touch with your team on a daily and weekly basis, as you all work remotely?
As someone building + training a team, sharing your business secrets and success, how do you protect yourself and your business from people leaving?
What are the keys to success when launching a new location?
How important are goals to the success of your team?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Team growth, culture, communicating and sharing goals with your team topic.

Episode Resources:

Sarah’s website: www.chanceycharmweddings.com
Sarah’s free workshops for new + established entrepreneurs

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