If you are feeling stuck in your income growth, it might have to do with your mindset. I know when I started a business, I had a lot of mindset blocks that I needed to move past in order to grow. I’ll share what I learned and the resources that really helped me in today’s episode.

How to Transform Your Money Mindset

Have you ever thought any of these?
Am I good enough to make my business happen?
Am I worth charging so much?
Maybe I should give a discount?
I wish I could afford that.
I can’t go on a vacation because I’m broke.
I better take the cheap meal at the restaurant because it’s a tight month.

Write down all of the negative thoughts from your past associated withmoney.
How are you going to let those thoughts go this week?
What are some positive experiences you’ve had in your life? Why ismoney good in your life?

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