Being stuck is no fun. My very first course I created was the Get Unstuck Bootcamp long ago in 2011. So it’s near and dear to my heart to teach you how to get unstuck so you can see all the incredible opportunities that are waiting for you. So I’ve devoted an entire episode on getting unstuck. I hope it helps to move forward today!

Why You Are Stuck and How To Get Unstuck

Today I am going over the one thing I think is keeping you stuck.
The one thing is consuming content.
This is what I have been hearing lately….”I’ve listened to everyone! But, I have a tiny list. It’s holding me back. I have taken all the courses from all the experts. I have 40 podcasts on her phone she is consuming not creating.”
This same thing happened to me years ago. I had so much knowledge and I wasn’t taking enough action. We can get stuck in the learning and not move forward. We can try to be like everyone else or try to have our site like everyone else and never just start producing our own unique content and helping people.
2 years ago I picked up the pace and I stopped reading. I only listened to one podcast.
Here are two things I recommend if this is you:
Unsubscribe. Unfollow and delete. Stop reading. Stop listening to all the podcasts. Stop consuming.
Create. Create. Create. Before you listen to anyone else. Create. I don’t care if you stop listening to me and my podcasts. That means you are taking action. Set a schedule. Are you helping one person every day? Are you hearing thank you every day? I am doing FB Lives every day have you noticed? I was asked what book I am reading on a podcast interview the other day and I said I ‘m not reading a book, I don’t have time because 1) I am taking a course an can only focus on one thing at a time so daily I am listening and studying that course. 2) I am creating!! Myself!! My own content!! Have you seen how much stuff we publish, a weekly video on youtube, two times a week podcast. A few blog posts per week. Now a daily FB Live. I am in my community answering questions every single day. There is a time to learn. But, I am learning what my market needs and teaching and sharing with them what they need to know. You have something that can help people so get that out there and help!
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