My due date is less than two weeks out (!!!!) and I’m frantically trying to get the nursery finished and order a few last-minute baby items that we need in case I go into labor! I feel like we’re racing against the clock, but Walmart+ has been a LIFESAVER. I was able to buy extra wipes, bottles, and even a diaper pail that arrived the DAY after I placed the order on Walmart’s website! Starting this month, Walmart is now offering Walmart+ free shipping, no order minimum for Walmart+ members (excludes oversized/freight & Marketplace items!) on items from Even if you only order one box of diapers, it’s still shipped free. 

Here are the last-minute baby buys that I ordered from Walmart!

We had glass bottles on our baby registry, but I decided that we also needed these Comotomo baby bottles at the last minute in case our baby prefers these instead! After doing some research, it seems like the Comotomo bottles are best for babies who are also breastfeeding, since the bottle closely imitates a breast. The entire bottle is squishy, and it has a very wide nipple that makes latching easy for babies. They’re also nontoxic since they’re made of silicone, and are safe for the dishwasher!

I ordered this after hearing a few of my friends (who are new moms) RAVE about the Haakaa! Basically, it’s a super simple (and affordable) silicone breast pump. It’s completely different than a conventional breast pump in that it’s not electric or manual… it works by using suction! My friends use it on the opposite breast while they’re nursing their babies and have been able to build up a large stash of breastmilk to keep in the freezer using just the Haakaa. There are a few different models, but I got the one with the built-in suction base (so that it doesn’t spill!). 

Our friends also told us that this diaper pail is a MUST-HAVE! It’s made completely of steel and locks in all of the odors from stinky diapers, so that your nursery doesn’t smell bad! We actually ordered a few to keep in different rooms in our house (one in our bedroom and one in the baby’s nursery).

I did a ton of research on the “safest” wipes for babies, and these ranked the highest! Water Wipes have minimal ingredients and have the Environmental Working Group’s best rating of 1. I ordered a few boxes from Walmart so that I have plenty – I’m even packing some in my bag to use in the hospital!

If you can think of any last-minute baby items I need, let me know in the comments! I may have to place a few more orders through my Walmart+ membership before the baby comes. 😉

*Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post